Tuesday, October 15, 2013

AKA conversation with Nils

Sigrun Bulow-Hube : Scandinavian modernism in Canada

Scandinavian modernism in Canada theses

Skype conversation, October 2013.
Elva: "Sigrun? Is that a real person"
Nils; "I remember her very well I worked at the store for a bit"
Elva; "She designed everything?"
Nils:  "Not all but most. very famous."
         "We could get a lot of money selling furniture designed by her lol"
          " I have a bunch in Havelock"


View of living room designed by Sigrun Bulow-Hube for Habitat '67

Nils: "the stools were made from the samples which showed the colours etc"
        "Don't forget who dyed those belts working hard at home."
Elva: "Who? You?"
Nils: "EMA I did help her lol"
         "big galvanized tub on stove ..."
        "duhh u bring back memories which have not come forward from the depths for a long time ..."
        "looking at those chairs broing bck old old memories hidden deep in the depths and now jumped forward lol"
Elva: "What r u remembering?"
Nils: "working at the factory taking inventory of all the chair frames ..."
         "the people who worked there ..."
         "the worker who made most of those chairs would bring his sons in to help because he got paid by piece work"
Elva: "How much did they sell for?
Nils: "god knows lol $$$"
         "I even worked at the store before and did some selling"
         "got fired from there lol"
Elva: "why did you get fired?"
Nils: "cause there was a yoyo there and I refused to do something for him"
Elva: "must have been our brother."
Nils: "no my brother never worked at the store.
Elva: jk
Nils: "It was separate from the factory"
         "Got laid off from the factory by Ivar."
Elva: "was he the yoyo?
Nils:    "no he was not involved with the store."


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